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Welcome to Village Talk, a social platform where you can share your thoughts, ideas, and items of interest with your community here on the Central Coast. Feel free to start a new post or comment on an existing post. You are encouraged to share responsibility and with respect for others.  Please do not share any information (phone numbers, email addresses, etc) that you do not want to make public. If you have any questions please call (805 242-6440) or email the office (  Have fun, share, and care...

Village Talk

Village talk is an public forum. All posts are public. You must Join Village Talk in order to contribute or to make comments. To Join click on Village Talk Join and follow the instructions.

Volunteer Talk

Volunteer Yalk is a private forum reserved for active volunteers and staff. To join Volunteer Talk click on Volunteer Talk Join. After verification is complete access to the forum will be granted. 

Your Profile

Once you have joined set up your Profile. Click on your name, select Profile, then select the Account  Tab and add a User Name, First Name, Last Name, and Email, update the information. Click on the Profile Tab and add a brief description about yourself. Note: only the User Name and the User Profile will be shared with other people unless you specifically unlock other data.  


Notifications (email messages concerning updates in Village Talk) can be set to meet your needs. Sign in to Village Talk, Click on your name, select Profile, then select the Settings Tab, and choose the Email Notifications you desire. A recommendation for most users is to turn on only New Post.

Post Rules

Treat other members with the respect they deserve. Do post any material which is knowingly false, inaccurate, harmful, threatening, harassing,  racist, abusive, vulgar, hateful, obscene invasive of a person's privacy, or tending unreasonably to discredit or malign.

Violation of any of these rules can lead to a banning of the user from our Web Site and a deletion of their account. The consequences will be determined by the Staff.

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